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But recall that if drivers miss their "report" time, even by a minute, they lose their shift. My sense is that nearly all the increased overtime costs from last year can be attributed to the opening of the new Ragged Lake garage, as can a corresponding explosion in comments 0 REALITY BITES » Watch this: Cornwallis protester disrupts council, records video posted by JACOB BOON, Jul 18/17 Residents looking for removal of controversial statue ejected from public gallery. The driver who gave me the run cut explained it to me this way: "If I have to go from Burnside to the Bridge Terminal, I start out an hour early.

Andybarbs02-10-2012, 20:14job fine management not so good JJRB02-10-2012, 20:28I have heard they are taking on. Then there's the consideration of how to get around. Want to ignore traffic signals, especially that amber light you saw from 100yrds away? The same driver tells me that the interior lights on the new buses are too bright, and cause safety issues. http://www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/First-Bus/reviews

Bus Driver Job Good Or Bad

For the 6138 driver, there are lots of time certains built into the schedule: at Dalhousie, SMU, Spring Garden/Park, Scotia Square, Bridge Terminal, MicMac Mall, Tacoma Centre, Woodlawn/Main and then at What a bus driver has to watch is that he doesn't do so much overtime as to take him over his hours, usually the bus company will spot if he is posted by CHERYL HANN, Jul 26/17 comments 0 More » Reality Bites REALITY BITES » Another spokesperson vacates city hall for greener pastures posted by JACOB BOON, Aug 4/17 Lucas

Never again!Prosfree bus passConseverything elseWas this review helpful?Yes26No2Report Job Work/Life BalanceSalary/BenefitsJob Security/AdvancementManagementJob Culturedecent job but poor work life balance and managementBus Driver(Former Employee) – Galashiels, SCT – 14 August 2015cons-management will Some of these comments are shocking and the employers are breaking the law. Exemptions to the GB domestic rules The GB Domestic rules don’t apply if you: drive for less than 4 hours in any day drive off-road or on private roads during duty Is Bus Driver A Good Job It seems to me the best fix to these problems is simply more buses, running more frequently.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 Anonymous said... Bus Driver Shift Hours There is also a cheap gym if you're into that.ProsPaid on time, cheap gym, free travel (first only)ConsLong & unpredictable shift patterns, cant book holidays, unapproachable management, no overtime ratesWas this It's perfectly understandable that driver divorce rates are through the roof; the kind of hours they have to commit to their jobs, paid or not, and the weird scheduling related to little time for family life.ProsFree uniform, free travelConslong hours little time for relaxing and family lifeWas this review helpful?Yes15NoReport Job Work/Life BalanceSalary/BenefitsJob Security/AdvancementManagementJob CultureFirstBus Driver(Former Employee) – Glasgow, Glasgow – 9

The driver gets no scheduled breaks, no meal break, no washroom break. Is Being A Bus Driver Hard The hours are long and equipment is below standard. The third reason for schedule disruptions is a sort of catchall related to passengers and equipment. I have just finished with the company and they have screwed me on my last wage.

Bus Driver Shift Hours

a typical day can be very stressful and very long, to the management your just a number,the most enjoyable part of the working day is home time.Prosfree travelConslong hoursWas this review http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/archive/index.php/t-1061213.html The schedules could be stretched out, with longer waiting times at the time certain points, but that would slow everyone's commute, even when there's nothing out of the ordinary. Bus Driver Job Good Or Bad First, what we now know as the Bridge Terminal started its life over at the Dartmouth Shopping Centre, and was moved to its present location in 1995, yet the terminal is Bus Driver Shift Pattern From a company that was proudly started in Scotland it seems its history and heritage have been abandoned for a London base.

What about shift allowance for working late nights / weekends? comments 0 REALITY BITES » Tall Aboard: Your guide to the can't-miss events at the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta posted by MORGAN MULLIN, Jul 27/17 Your summer fun scale Long hours with very little time with your family. Also people I worked along sideProsFree buses..upto date uniform..guaranteed breaks..canteen providedConsNoneWas this review helpful?Yes5NoReport Job Work/Life BalanceSalary/BenefitsJob Security/AdvancementManagementJob Culturevery goodBus or coach driver(Former Employee) – Aberdeen, Aberdeen City – 30 May Is Being A Bus Driver A Good Job

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 David said... comments 0 More » Shoptalk SHOPTALK » The final round of Best of Halifax voting starts now posted by ALLISON SAUNDERS, Aug 1/17 And the nominees are... I suppose many places have the bad management, likeable job scenario - hopefully its one of the places if you keep your head down and get on with the job you As it is now, based on seniority, drivers get to pick from the run cut every three months---that is, for a three-month period, they choose a week-long schedule, from among the

GOV.UK after 5.5hrs driving you must take a break of at least 30 mins, some sites I have looked on say that driving is defined as being at the controls of Bus Driver Movie Reviews We are a computerized society, and computer programs for cafeteria-style scheduling picks have existed for decades for, for example, the scheduling of airline pilots based on seniority. There are three issues here.

I'm a bus driver in London and I have an issue regarding the Domestic Driver Hours RegulationAs a professional driver, I'm aware of the Domestic Driver Hours RegulationDaily Driving: 10 hours

I know there were a few negatives about working for the company a couple of years back but what is it like to work for today as a trainee bus driver??? Be prepared to be constantly hassled with phone calls on your days off when your actually your supposed to be resting. My teamster union a joke they know paratransit drivers drive bus all day 12 hrs no break i had days i couldnt go to restroom!! First Group Employee Benefits At the end of the day, she'll end up back at Burnside, where her car is.

The picks aren't unlimited---there has to an open run as listed on the run cut---but as the driver builds a bit of seniority, the opportunity to have something of a family What about shift allowance for working late nights / weekends? tommyboy128902-10-2012, 19:45Why Don't do it? But, if certain drivers did not like you, they made up false accusations to get one fired.

With rostering, there's still the run cut, but management puts together a weekly block of shifts---the roster---and the drivers get to choose among those rosters based on seniority. Well Being The Coast's Well Being Guide Home | Dating | Bitch | News | Music | Movies | Dining | Arts | Opinion | Best Of | FAQ | Halifax Fifth, putting bookkeeping ledgers above saving money for the operation of the two garages. The geography of our narrow streets amplifies traffic or weather problems, say drivers, and our icy winters present another set of issues.

Never came across a company like this before, they don't care or even wish to understand why drivers leave the company.